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After three long weeks I finally have the internet again. I have settled into my new job well so will start having time off to do renders etc.

Just want to say I very big thank you for all your continued viewings, comments, favs and for watching me in the first place! Thank you! 
Hey folks,

Just want to thank you all for the watches and favs over the last few months. Really appreciate that you like my first steps.

Also want to let you know I will be away from the computer for the next week or so. I have managed to get a job as a steward on the ferries that run from Belfast to Scotland and my training starts on Tuesday. Which means I will be living in Belfast at a relative's who doesn't have the internet and there is no space in her car for me to take my PC down.

Again thanks very much for all the likes and comments. Any hints and tips you can provide are very welcome as I am loving learning how to make these images.